Giving is an act of devotion.  It also helps those in Maryville, Missouri, the USA and internationally.  In addition to offerings given through the offering plate, here are other ways to give:

  • Online Giving - Vanco for one-time or recurring debit or credit card contributions. 
    Vanco is a secure, on-line system.
  • Mail - Donations may be mailed to: 
    First United Methodist Church, 102 N. Main, Maryville, MO 64468.
Why do we Give?
“Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” Luke 12:34
Offering ourselves to the work of God through financial giving is a good and necessary part of our Christian Discipleship. What should I contribute and how much, are good and natural questions. Proportional giving (a percentage of income) is a worthy goal. The Biblical standard is 10%, and many members achieve that goal and beyond over time, and it requires disciplined giving over time. It helps to prioritize our giving. First mile giving goes to Maryville First United Methodist Church in support of the operating budget. This provides for the day to day operation of the church, pays salaries of the employees and supports our fair share portion of United Methodist expenses beyond our local congregation.
Second mile giving is just that…giving beyond our weekly or monthly contributions to the church. It is a designated giving. Here are some examples:
                                                                              Lower               Upper  
Sponsor a specific apportionment line item             $50              $10,000
Donate toward an emergency response fund          $10              No Limit
Youth or adult mission trip expense                         $10              No Limit
Remodel an existing church classroom                 $500                $8,000
Sponsor this web site                                          $2,000              $10,000
Ministry Center donation                                            $5              No Limit
New/remodel building project                                   $10             No Limit
Audio video equipment                                           $100             No Limit
Sponsor Vacation Bible School                                $10                $4,000
Purchase a new piano                                      $12,000              $80,000
There are just a few examples of extra opportunities to support the Lord’s works. If you do not find one that interests you, please contact the Church Office. Remember, the Holy Spirit is available to us in many ways and His grace is ours for the taking. In Jesus’ precious name First United Methodist thanks you.