A List of Prayers for Others

Prayers for ourselves and others.

Our faith teaches us that God is always with us and hears our every need. Yet within a faith community there is comfort and peace drawn from knowing that our needs, our situations, our concerns are being lifted to God in prayer by others. 

 During your time of prayer you are invited to lift the prayers, concerns, and joys (in bold) listed below. They are in chronological order, with group listings of those with health and medical needs, those who reside in nursing care and assisted living facilities and those who serve in the armed forces listed at the end. Thank you for taking time to lift each to God in prayer. Blessings and Peace.


Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well. ~ 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NIV)

February 18, 2019

Kenny Tech, Deb Fannon's dad and Jess Zielinski & Renee Schimming's grandpa.

Jordan McCrary for safe travels.

Jared Wellington health concerns

Christian sympathy to the family and friends of Jon Rickman who died February 14th.

Christian sympathy to Suzi Lariviere, cousin of Michele Moon, who passed away February 16th.

Laura Wilson, Cindy Kenny's cousin, will be having surgery on February 25th.

Jessica Bram prayers for recovery following surgery on Friday, February 15th.

Christian sympathy to the friends and family of Lonnae Young, a NWMSU student who died this past weekend.

February 14, 2019

Olive Smith will be having hip and knee replacement on February 14th.

Cindy Kender is home recovering from knee surgery.

The uncle of Rex Brod.

February 11, 2019

Jim Crozier is hospitalized at Mosaic.

February 7, 2019

Christian sympathy to the family and friends of Doug Kinnison who passed away on Monday, February 4th.

Candy Rhoades, John & Della's daughter-in-law, is in the hospital after suffering a seizure.

Daniel & Virginia Reyes had a baby girl 2 months early. The baby is in NICU at Cooks Children in Fort Worth, TX. Prayers are being asked to surround this family and their medical team.

February 4, 2019

Altha Bird has returned to Parkdale from a recent hospitalization for pneumonia and is under the care of hospice.

Jessica Bram, who is hospitalized at KU Medical Center.


Those surrounded by our continued prayers:

Sandra Allan

Jim Bartlett

Altha Bird

Jessica Bram

Sylvia Church

David Coats

Colman Collins

Jim Crozier

Jarod Keller

Cindy Kender

Delmar Kern

Ashok Patet

Barb Pierce

Jay Robinson

Candy Rhoades

Olive Smith

Michael VanSickle

Nan Westhoff

Jessica Zielinski


Prayers for people fighting or recovering from Cancer:


David Akins

Jena Baumli

Ann Beck

Denny Bissell

Tim Bochum

Marie Campbell

Jenna Christensen

Matthew Cooper

Elli Cunningham

Iris Dale

Karen Dextrihe

Linda Dougan

Ben Espey

Carolyn Franks

Jude Gillahan

Heath Goff

Gerald Johnson

Roberta Kimble

Cindy Kreifels

Dana Langley

Gene Miller

Genny Newton

Shannon Nolte

Nikki Oditt

John Pace

Jerry Price

Aimee Scott

Gary & Cindy Staten

Terri Stewart

Scott Throm

Ali Throm

Shannan Trammel

Dianna Wadley

Jason Walker

Jared Wellington

Janice Wolbrecht


Prayers for people residing in assisted living or nursing care facilities:

Mary Ruth Appleby

Altha Bird

Mary Coffelt

Jane Dougan

Beverly Elmore

Eileen Fisher

Jean Fuller

Louise Garten

Scott Garten

Marilyn Gaugh

Edith George

Dick Greeley

Norma Helzer (Graham UMC)

Cleta Hutchinson

Beverly Ingels

Sally Johnson

Doris McDonald

Marge Mellott

Helen Muldrew

E. Margaret Pierson

Ginny Riggs

Peitha Rush

Carolyn Sadler

Delores Sloan

Beverly Warner

Betty Weichinger

Phillip Zapf

Prayers for those serving in our Armed Force: A safe return for all troops; comfort and strength for their families.

Jeremiah Benson, USMC

Alex Heflin, USN

David Hull, USA

Hailey Hull, USA

Patrick Moon, USCG

Danielle Rhoades White, USA

Nick Smith, USAF

Katie Sudhoff, USMC

Tanner Vigren, USAF